Gulf Craft Appoints New CEO

Dubai-based shipyard Gulf Craft has announced Gregory Yeakle as its new CEO.

The news comes as former CEO Erwin Bamps steps down after four years in the role and now sits as an advisor to the board for international matters.

"As a lifelong boating enthusiast, I am delighted to have the opportunity lead Gulf Craft into the next phase of its global expansion,” says Yeakle.

Having shown strong leadership and delivered growth during his time at Accudyne Industries as the global head of its oil and gas division and the managing director of Milton Roy and Dosatron, Yeakle is excited to take the reins at Gulf Craft. Prior to joining the shipyard, Yeakle was head of operations for Cornerston Management Consulting where he worked with the Gulf Craft group. “This experience has helped to ensure a smooth leadership transition,” says Mohammed Al Shaali, Gulf Craft group’s chairman.

The shipyard has seen continued growth with new models having been launched every year such as the Majesty 140 and Majesty 100, and strives to explore opportunities in new markets and is planning to expand further in the coming years.

“These are challenging yet exciting times for the industry,” says Yeakle. “Innovation and technology are combining to provide amazing new products and services possible for Gulf Craft."

Gregory Yeakle
Majesty 100
Majesty 140

via aurofeed